YIN YOGA Workshop mit JO PHEE 09 Jul 2023 Center oder Online


Experience the original
AcuYin as taught
by creator Jo Phee

It is said that there are 361 acupoints in the human body but only some are commonly used in the treatments of diseases and illnesses.
In this AcuYin session, learn how to locate some of the more common acupoints for self-healing and combine these acupoints with their corresponding yin yoga poses to enhance the efficacy of the healing energy (qi).

This masterclass will infuse two hours of yin poses sequenced with acupressure, with a focus for curious exploration into all the various Yin Yoga archetypes, including some novel and creative ways of using props to enhance the stretching effects of the poses.

All experience levels welcome.

Please be informed, that Jo Phee needs the email addresses of all participants. With signing up for the workshop you accept this. 


Jo Phee is the creator of AcuYin and the senior assistant of Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley since 2009. Well-known as a teacher’s teacher, she travels the world training yin yoga teachers based on The Grilleys method.

Widely dubbed as the “Queen of Sequencing and Props” in the yin community, Jo is credited for creating “Upper Body Yin Yoga” since 2006.

Jo is widely recognised for her expertise in Chinese Medicine, Functional Anatomy and Fascia Science. She is responsible for training thousands of yin yoga teachers and trainers worldwide for more than a decade.

Her yin classes and trainings continue to be highly sought after amongst yoga teachers.

DATUM: Sonntag, 9. Jul 2023
UHRZEIT: 14:30-16:30
LOCATION: Gärtnerplatz, Buttermelcherstr. 11, München / ONLINE
PREIS:  € 39,-