Camille was born and raised in the south of France. Although she’s more of a sun and sea person, she moved to Germany for love. It is in Munich, close to lakes, mountains and large green spaces, that she found her balance. 

It was when she arrived in Paris to study that she discovered yoga. It was primarily to reconnect with her body and her flexibility that she started yoga, and she quickly developed a love for it, understanding the impact that yoga also had on her mind. Yoga classes were a great way to relax and escape the high-stress life of Paris. 

Camille finds peace especially on the physical part of yoga, asanas are for her are the most effective form of meditations. “When my body is moving, that’s when I feel the most connected to myself, the most at peace with myself. In movement my thoughts are less wandering“.

She believes that each style of yoga has its place and power on the body and mind, and that to be complete, it is good to practise several. In her classes, Camille tries to share the good vibes, a bit of sun and the good atmosphere she grew up in.

What she loves most about her yoga classes is seeing relaxed faces and happy smiles at the end of the class, and feeling the energy of communion while everyone is focused on themselves. It’s a very unique atmosphere.